What is MYC?

Music for Young Children (MYC) is a 33 year old Canadian program that provides the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction. In public and private studios all over the world we offer group music lessons to 2 – 10 years old.

MYC builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment of music. All group lessons are parent participation so you will learn and experience together with your child.

Singing together creates a special bond. Keyboard playing and rhythm ensembles nurture team skills. Creative movement develops individual expressiveness. Music reading and theory are reinforced with group activities and with colorful, hands-on materials. Composing integrates aural and written skills and gives children a sense of ownership.

Why your child should begin with MYC

  • Because it’s fun!! (In addition to being of superior quality, very comprehensive, confidence building and a wonderful way to begin the study of music.)
  • Because the child and parent bond as a “music team” during lessons and that carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.
  • Because this program provides so much musicianship training to young children that it’s got to be seen and heard to be believed!!
  • Because a 66% student return rate and a 90% teacher return rate make a statement about the outstanding quality of the program.
  • Because 24,000 happy students a year can’t be wrong!!

Sunshine 1 (Schedule)

This program, for three and four year old beginners includes large muscle experiences in beat and rhythms as well as fine motor experiences in rhythm instrument ensemble playing. By the end of the first year, Sunshines are playing in C major and middle C positions and are reading from the staff. Pre-reading experiences – such as like and different sorting, looking for patterns with colorful visual aids, gluing and coloring — are part of the program.

Sunbeams 1 (Schedule)

The program for kindergartners and first graders provides “big kid” lyrics to introduce concepts, finger numbers and keyboard geography. Songs and games are used to encourage and reinforce listening.

Moonbeams 1 (Schedule)

For the older beginner, ages seven through nine, the program lasts three years. Our Moonbeams want “quick results” and the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire are designed to support their growing sense of independence. The listening activities for this age group keep the “ears open” even as reading becomes the primary focus for gathering information.

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Check out these videos. See what MYC is all about!

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